Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow again. Argh.

When I woke up this morning and saw fresh snow on the ground, I wanted to crawl back under the covers, stay home, make mac and cheese and watch TV. I surrender.

Of course, I didn't. I hauled myself out of bed, made coffee and got about my day. But I'm still in the grip of that desire to just give in and give up. This winter is just killing me. The new year isn't so new anymore and those resolutions are starting to feel burdensome.

Take yoga, for instance. One of my resolutions was to be more consistent with my yoga practice and so far, I've done well, fitting in 2 to 3 classes a week. Only lately has my enthusiasm begun to flag. My balance was off in my last class and I couldn't hold a pose to save my life. Everything just felt  impossible. Meanwhile, the 20-something year old guy next to me was easily twisting himself into the most challenging poses.

For a fleeting moment, I thought about rolling up my yoga mat for good.

I need to get a grip on this defeatist attitude.

What do you do when you're frustrated with your progress, bored with your diet or tired of pushing yourself? I look for motivation to beat the end-of-winter funk.
  • I just have to roll with it and do the best I can. There will be days when I struggle and days when I kick it out of the park. This is not a competition. (They call it yoga PRACTICE for a reason, right?)
  • I'm not alone. My Jazzercise Personal Touch class has a Facebook group where we share ideas and support each other when needed. 
  • Speaking of Jazzercise, I'm looking forward to trying the new routines set to new music that are being introduced this week.
  • A massage or a facial is definitely on the agenda. Maybe both.
 And THIS may be the most motivating of all!
 Bring it on!


  1. I feel like my weather app has promised me a 40-something degree day for the last 2 weeks and it keeps moving further and further back! Fingers crossed for this weekend though. And good luck defeating your inner defeatist! (I think we're all starting to feel the strain of too long with no sun.)

    1. Yes, I'll believe 57% when I see it. Or feel it.