Thursday, January 12, 2017

And the Word of the Year Is....

Last week in my Fly Fitness yoga class, Kendra challenged us to choose a word for the year. Just as you might set your “intention” for your yoga practice, this word sets an intention for 2017.

Of course, the first word that popped into my head was “chocolate” followed quickly by “wine”. Yeeeaaahhh. I'm pretty sure that's not what Kendra meant about choosing an intention.

I chose and discarded other words during that class.

“Joy” is too broad.
“Challenge” sounds exhausting.
Aargh? (Technically, not a word but it did pop into my head as I tried to master crow pose.)

By the time we finally reached shivasana, I had it.


Last week, I blogged about resolutions because I love making them and I’m a committed goal-setter. Choosing a word of the year  distills that list to one theme and helps me focus my actions.

The word “nourish” seems to fit with all my resolutions.

“Nourish” refers to making healthy, delicious food that fuels my body. 
Healthy comfort food warms my heart. And my belly.

Yoga and meditation are two activities I want to do more of because they nourish my brain, body and spirit. 

Paddle boarding will, hopefully, nurture my fun and adventurous side. (Or it could be a disaster. We’ll see.)

I’m hoping my word of the year will also help me decide what to accept or reject. 

Before I take on a project or say yes to an obligation, I’m going to ask myself how it nourishes my life. And if I can’t find a good answer, I can say no.


It’s my word for 2017. 
Followed closely by chocolate and wine. (Don't judge me.)

What word would you choose?


  1. Love this! I chose Treasure. Treasuring these moments the present the good and the tough. Treasuring the people I love and this moment with them. It's about love, presence, gratitude. ❤