Saturday, June 7, 2014


I had minor surgery last week to repair a blocked tear duct in my left eye. It was an outpatient procedure and I anticipated I'd have to take it easy for a few days. I'm now on Day 5 of no exercise and I'm losing my mind.

I am NOT a good sick person. I hate being sidelined and I have no patience for sitting still and twiddling my thumbs. I like to get things done, check them off the list, power through. Sitting on the sidelines is not for me.
Not to mention the fact that I look like Quasimodo meets the Elephant Man. 

Can you tell I'm a tad grumpy?
I miss my Jazzercise.

It started me thinking about setbacks and how best to handle them. I've tried to value the time I have to read, knit and watch TV, pursuits I usually don't have much time for. But it's not working.

Because, for me, exercise is about more than physical health. I rely on it as a mood-booster. An hour at Jazzercise just makes me feel better. When I'm sidelined, I turn into a crotchety, sullen, bad-tempered shrew. Just ask my family.

There's plenty of evidence to support the link between regular exercise and enhanced mood. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, chemicals that interact with the brain and trigger good feelings by reducing your perception of pain. Regular exercise has been shown to ease depression, control anxiety and improve sleep.

The social aspects of exercise also provide benefits. The support and encouragement of a friend, a trainer or a class can work wonders for a bad mood. Positive feelings are contagious.

Due to this minor setback, I've lost a major source of stress relief, the kind of anti-depressant that doesn't come in a bottle. But it's only temporary. As soon as I get the okay from my doctor, I'm bustin' outta here.
I'll be back.

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