Friday, August 15, 2014

Goals, Accomplishments and M&MS

I am a Jedi Master.
No, I don’t have a leather outfit hanging in my closet. I do own some pretty kick-ass knee high boots but no laser sabers. And definitely not that body. (Thanks Curt Bright for making my Jedi self look impossibly buff!)

What makes me a Jedi Master is that I set goals and go after them with a vengeance. And sometimes I succeed.

After four plus long years, I have a Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications. Four years of reading, papers, presentations, deadlines, research and, as family and friends can attest, lots of whining.

I learned a lot, and not just about my chosen field.

I learned I can hold my own in a class where one of the students is a childhood friend of my son’s and used to sleep over in my basement.

I learned to ask for help. I practically moved into my stats teacher’s office one semester and we’re now BFFs.

I learned I have a fabulous support system: co-workers, family and friends who put up with my kvetching and helped along the way.

I learned the act of writing a paper must be accompanied by M&M’s.

I learned exercise keeps me sane. Or at least, less crazy. It also helps counteract the impact of the M&M’s.

I learned to stretch and try something new. Never give up. Find a way.

So. What now?

First, I’m going to put on that shapeless black robe and sashay across the stage to pick up my diploma. Then I’m going to sit on top of the mountain I just climbed and enjoy the view.  
And then I’ll set a new goal, maybe one that's a little less ambitious than grad school.

I’m thinking about going to Italy. Who’s with me?

What accomplishments make you proud?


  1. Congratulations MJ!
    Count me as a "YES" for the Italy trip!

  2. Congratulations! I'm just now returning to school for another degree, but it's not as ambitious as a Masters. I love the Jedi comparison! I think I'll refer to myself as a Jedi whenever I accomplish something.

  3. Yes, Jedi's are always fabulous. Like we are.