Friday, June 19, 2015

Fit Fashionista Friday

I know, I know. Fitness isn't supposed to be about fashion. It seems ridiculous to spend a lot of money on stuff you're going to sweat in. In my head, I keep hearing Tom Hanks yelling, "There's no fashion! There's no fashion in fitness!"

Sorry, coach, but I've always believed that cute athletic wear ups my workout game. And now I have proof. It's called "enclothed cognition," a term coined by researchers who had a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

True, the experiment they conducted involved participants dressed in lab coats, not a Jazzerciser in something new from the Jazzercise catalogue. But the study suggested powers of attention increased when the subjects wore a lab coat described as a doctor's coat. It only stands to reason that great active-wear will energize my workout. Right? (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.)

In that spirit, here are a few Fitness Fashionista favorites spotted recently at the gym.

LOVE these capris with the slits down the side. They're perfect for summer. I don't remember where she said she got them. Athleta, maybe? I did find a similar pair at Fabletics, which is a membership site.You get your first outfit for a low price and then every month, they send you some personalized picks you can order at a higher cost.

My Jazzer-friend Heidi turned me on to these headbands and I'm going to order some, if I can ever make up my mind. There are so many different designs and patterns.  You can get them at the Hippie Runner website. Only $8 and if you order three you get one free.
                                                           These two are on my list!

And finally, this t-shirt from Kohl's is perfect for Jazzercise. It also sums up my life philosophy!

Do fun clothes amp up your workout? Where do you shop for fitness and active-wear?

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