Friday, July 10, 2015

Fit Fashionista Friday

I can't wait to go to Jazzercise this weekend because I have new clothes to dance in! And you know how very happy that makes me. :)

I've been lusting after the new tops that have interesting back views and the activewear pieces with mesh details. This month, I ordered two items from the Fabletics website and they just arrived last night. I'm posting a few pictures but keep in mind, I had just finished working out  and my hair shows it.

The green top is Plain Jane from the front but get a load of the back! Yowza. Obviously, this isn't good for yoga because it will just fall off in downward dog. But it's perfect for Jazzercise and the price is right at only $19.95.

It's harder to see theme mesh in the crops but here they are. Fun, huh?

The crops are a little pricier at $44.95 but the fabric is sturdy and they feel like they'll last forever.  You can order pieces individually off the Fabletics website or join as VIP member. Every month they send you their "picks" and you can order complete outfits starting at $49.95. You can skip a month anytime you like.

My weekend will include at least one Jazzercise class in my new duds. It's also supposed to be blazing hot so I'm going to plan on pool time as well?

What's on your agenda?

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