Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Just kidding. #notkidding

'Tis the season to be thankful. Here's are a few fitness-related benefits that make my list of things to be truly grateful for this holiday season.

1.     Working out on Thanksgiving Day. Or not.
Right now I’m planning to go to the Interval Fusion class at Jazzercise at 9:30 that morning. I love the format and it feels good to torch calories and fuel my metabolism early in the day. I’m not hosting dinner but I do have some cooking and baking to do so a good workout sets  the stage for getting it done.
However,  truth be told, there’s a chance it might not happen. I might end up drinking coffee in my jammies until noon.  #sorry #notsorry

2.     Options. I like to try it all and it keeps my workouts fresh and fun. Sometimes it’s Jazzercise and Pure Barre.  Sometimes it’s yoga. Sometimes it’s an invented boot camp that I make up as I go or just a walk with my dogs. I'm just thankful I have access to a variety of fitness options.
Beach Boot Camp while on vacation in Texas.
3.     Pumpkin. I’ve been putting it in my oatmeal in the morning and my yogurt in the afternoon. I can’t get enough of it. It’s a high fiber, low calorie food, packed with vitamin A, potassium and beta-carotene. And on Thanksgiving, the pumpkin I eat will be in a pie and slathered with whipped cream. Bring it on.


4.     Comfy, stylish activewear. How great would it feel to wear pajamas all weekend? It's SO tempting to stay in and be a hermit. While I won't succumb to total sloth-itude, comfort is key so I will definitely be in relaxed mode. Yoga pants, anyone?

5.     My health. I can dance my way through class, do ten pretty good push-ups and a decent chatarunga. I hauled my suitcase on and off trains and up and down a gazillion stairs in Italy. I have a strong heart and lungs, lots of stamina and energy – the rewards for all that sweat poured out during countless workouts. My good health extends beyond the body. There are days when I’m grumpy, tired and whiny but I also experience my share of joy and contentment. Exercise helps keep me grounded and sane. It’s my therapy and my daily meditation. Namaste. 
Planes, trains and automobiles.

Serious stairs everywhere.
6.     Food.  Geez, I love to eat. When I was in Italy, I could have lived on lemon- marinated anchovies, bread, gelato and wine. Oh, and coffee. And pasta. Isn’t food wonderful? I’m thankful for the delicious (mostly) healthy food on my table and the friends and family I get to share it with. I haven’t QUITE learned to love kale yet, but I’m working on it.

7.     My Fitness Gurus. I’m looking at you Jazzercise Instructors, Pure Barre and yoga teachers. You keep me motivated and moving. There are days when I’m swearing at you under my breath, but believe me, you guys are the bomb!

8.     My Fitness Friends. We’re all at different places on the same journey and it’s encouraging to look around and know I’m not alone.
Sweat together. Shop together.
9.     My Family. I love it when one son goes with me to walk the dogs and the other agrees to take a climbing wall class with his mom. My sister meets me at barre classes and inspires me by running a half marathon. My mother has been a role model all my life because she always takes care of herself. And these are some of the people we work out for, right?

10. Wise words. Rachel, a friend and personal trainer, once told me you should think about why you exercise and that will help keep you motivated. I exercise to control my weight and look and feel better. But the main reason I pursue fitness and health is because I want to live and long and happy life with the people I love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Mary Jane, you are an inspiration to me every day!