Thursday, July 7, 2016

We're Halfway There

So far in July…

This happened. 

·      A holiday weekend that was SOOOO much fun but didn’t exactly break fitness records. My favorite quote from the weekend was: “Do you need sugar before you do this? Well, I do.” (Yes, Sharon, you gave us permission to buy red licorice. And yes, it does taste good with beer.)

·      One workout. Just one. I went to Jazzercise on Saturday. Okay, I did take the dogs for walks so I wasn’t a complete sloth. But most of the time, I sat there. In a lawn chair by the lake. Around the firepit. Around the cabin drinking coffee. At home in front of the TV.

·      Lots of delicious food. Shish-kebabs, pasta salad, cookies, breakfast casserole. We even ate cherry pie straight out of the pie pan, falling upon it like a pack of dogs. Not a pretty sight.

It occurs to me, that we’re halfway through the year and I’m not really on-track with my fitness goals.

I did get back at it yesterday with a sensible diet and a cycling class at Fly Fitness. This morning there are TWO boxes of donuts in the break room at work and I refuse to succumb. And I AM going to Jazzercise after work. 

I feel better already.

I’m also re-focusing on my goals.
Here they are:

·      Lose ten pounds.
·      Try paddleboarding.
·      Get my resting metabolic rate tested.
·      Meet with a nutritionist
·      Organize a healthy meal-planning class.

What’s your fitness plan for the rest of 2016?


  1. Spoken like a true Hedonist but in the best sense of the word! YOLO and all that! This speaks to me because it's about living each day fully and "like a real person": work hard, play hard. No crazy diets or exercise regimens you can't sustain. Just good food and exercise you enjoy! Setting realistic goals rather than having expectations that can disappoint if not met. No beating yourself up. I'm with you! Thanks for the motivation!