Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Drop and Give Me 20

I don’t remember much about the plot of the G.I. Jane movie but I do remember Demi Moore’s abs. And arms, legs, shoulders and back. She must have been in the best shape of her life for that movie. I even found the daily workouts she followed while she was getting ready for filming. Check them out –they’re brutal. http://www.popworkouts.com/demi-moore-workout-gi-jane/

Needless to say, I was a little nervous when I signed up for the G.I. Jane class at my health club and the Jazzercise Hard Core and More personal touch class. Was I going to have to hold a lifeboat over my head while I ran laps? Would I have to do upside down crunches while hanging by my legs from a bunk bed? Do one-armed pushups? Shave my head? What was I getting myself into?

And why?

The “why” is easy. It’s fun to switch it up a little and try something different. New routines kick-start my metabolism AND my motivation. And face it, it's the end of January and the new resolutions are starting to lose their mojo.   

The Jazzercise Hard Core and More class combines a variety of exercises that focus on your body’s trunk, including abs, back and hips. Core strength is one of those buzzwords I hear a lot and with good reason. It’s not just about looking cut in a bikini. Having a strong core means you can rake leaves, carry your groceries and reach the can on the top shelf. Sports like golf and swimming are powered by a strong core. It helps with posture, eases back pain and improves balance so you don’t fall on the ice and break something.

Homework Videos on FB
In Fara’s HardCore class, we did 45 minutes of core exercise, including lunges off the step and twisting planks. While the class focuses on strength, my heart rate was elevated so I also got a cardio workout. We have daily exercise and nutrition assignments and a Facebook page so that we can share our ideas and experiences. (And whine a little.)

In my G.I. Jane class at Prairie Life Center, a small group of women and 
one brave man follow the
Push that plate!
lead of our drill sergeant, Rachel. Actually, Rachel is a sweetheart and very supportive. But there’s nothing sweet about her workout. The first class, we went through an exercise circuit using weight-lifting plates.

Both classes add an edge to my workout routine.
What do you do to change things up?

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