Friday, September 26, 2014

It's the Friday before a Husker game day so of course, I'm rocking the (Go Big) Red. My fellow Jazzerciser and Personal Shopper Denise King picked these out for me at a consignment shop. And since they came at the bargain price of
99 CENTS, I'm going to have to go shopping now and find some new shoes to go with them.

Here are some random Friday thoughts.

  • Eat That Frog. I'm a list-maker. I make to-do lists, grocery lists, lists of music I want to download, lists of lists. Now I'm trying something new. I'm actually scheduling what's on my list. And every day, I try to do the hardest thing first. That's the one of the suggestions in this book. I plan out my day and my week and then tackle the tough stuff right away while I've got the energy. Eat that frog first and then enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Did I mention I'm taking piano lessons? It's good for your brain to try something new and challenging. I took lessons as a child and again when my son was little and now I'm at it again. Maybe I'll invite everyone to a recital. Or not.
  • I really think this has to happen this weekend. I mean, anything with pumpkin, donut and muffin in the same sentence has to be good, right?
  • Last weekend, I wore my brand new Husker shirt and ran into a random girl downtown with the same shirt. So we had to take a picture.
  • I've already scheduled my weekend workouts. (See Eat That Frog above.) I'm going to yoga on Saturday morning at 10:45. I'm still debating Jazzercise at 7:30 a.m. (because it's Fusion which is my FAVORITE format.) But Saturday mornings are usually reserved for sitting around in my robe with coffee, the paper and my iPad so that may not happen. But I WILL be at Jazzericse at 4:30 PM on Sunday.
  • And there will be some of this over the weekend.

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