Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Reset

This is how you need to face Monday, with coffee and a smile.

And this morning, I did it. Yay, me!

Part of what helped the New Attitude (think Pointer Sisters) is a good but relaxing weekend.
I also owe a huge thank you to Denise King, one of my Jazzercise friends and the Queen of Consignment Shopping. Yesterday after Jazzercise, Denise pulled some fabulous bargains out of the trunk of her car...for me! I can't wait to wear them all, especially this outfit that will make its appearance with tights and boots once the weather is cool enough.

The coolest thing is that Denise thought about me when she was out shopping. Who does that?!
It made me think about the benefits of a workout program, besides good health and a body that fits nicely into my skinny jeans.
  • A stylist and personal shopper. Thanks, Denise!
  • Friends who encourage me and make me laugh.
  • Accountability. When you make plans to meet, you show up.
  • Like Cheers, a place where everybody knows my name. 
  • A fitness family. They always have your back.

What else happened this weekend?
Gorgeous day to walk the dogs.

 And this. Don't judge me.
Pumpkin chocolate chip bars.

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