Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Workout Recap and Other News

This was me last night.
Labor Day always signals the end of summer for me. There are still plenty of warm days ahead but I’m starting to look forward to throwing open the windows and enjoying the cool crispness of fall, as opposed to oppressive heat and humidity that makes it feel like a tropical jungle. I  want to go buy school supplies and bake pumpkin bread.

You can't see it very well but it's a pretty, pale green. Trust me.

I’m working on yet another home redecorating project: turning my son’s old bedroom into my studio/office/comfy-place-for-feeling-zen room. Right now it’s decorated in "garage sale style," incorporating furniture and stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. As soon as it cools off enough to open the windows, I’m going to paint the room a pale lavender and then add green accents. So this weekend, I painted and distressed an old desk. My husband kept telling me I did a terrible paint job. He doesn't get the concept of distressed furniture. But I like the way it turned out.

Brittany and John on a rainy but glorious day!
Of course, I watched football. How about those Huskers?!

And went to a lovely wedding of a friend and co-worker. It was an outdoor wedding on what turned out to be a stormy evening but the “I dos” were said before it started to pour and a good time was had by all.
Brittany was stunning and both of them 
looked so happy.

I managed to work in three Jazzercise classes over the weekend, including two Fusion classes. Fusion is a circuit class that alternates cardio with strength. It's my favorite format because it appeals to my love of multi-tasking. And it burns mega-calories!

Not sure how much it helped on Labor Day, though, because I went grocery shopping and made the mistake of buying the limited edition, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oreos. (I was only going to have one or two. Right. )  They are to-die-for. DON'T buy them.

This very blurry picture is Tria teaching Fusion on Monday, wearing sassy pants. I want them. 

Got a lot of other stuff done - and a fair amount of sitting on the deck with a glass of wine. Face it, three day weekends are the bomb. Right?


  1. I guess if you'd never heard of "distressed" furniture, it would be a pretty foreign concept. "Paint it and then make it look... old?" Lol! That's how I feel about distressed jeans. Completely baffled, but people seem to like having holes in their pants.

    1. Jenn,
      Some days are just distressing. Might as well have furniture or jeans to match. :)

  2. I was going to say the same thing about her pants! Sassy, I like them.

    1. Stephanie,
      You have to have courage to wear sassy (or distressing) pants!

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